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Our high quality custom orthotics are built using CAD-CAM technology for accuracy and repeatability, and are available in low, medium or high density EVA and polypropylene.

A full range of rear and forefoot modifications are available along with a wide range of top covers. Patients can order additional pairs (based on your prescription) direct from us, using our patient specific identifier code.

We are able to accommodate all your custom orthotic needs, popular models include:

Corrective and Control orthotics: proven control of foot position and motion

Medium density

Medium density EVA shell for correction of foot function, Poron forefoot cushion for enhanced comfort and finished with a luxury textile top cover (other top covers are available). Also available as 3/4 EVA shell with full length Poron top cover (as shown in red).

High density

High density EVA for excellent control of foot function. Luxury suede top cover provides very high quality finish. The full length device has an additional Poron layer for enhanced comfort.

Polypropylene Shell

Polypropylene shell (between 2-6mm) for lightweight control of foot pronation. Top covers of suede (as shown) or Poron provide a very high standard of finish. The polypropylene base can also be covered and all polypropylene orthotics can have patient code/name engraved into the shell.

Accommodative and cushioning orthotics: proven pressure relief to protect and support the foot.

Low Density

Low density EVA shell for comfortable support (available in various depths), Poron forefoot cushion, plus a soft EVA top cover to offer further cushioning for vulnerable areas. (other top covers are available)

Low or Medium Density

Low or medium density EVA (with extra depth) offers support of the foot and accommodation of deformity. Forefoot protection is offered by a layer of Poron and a Plastozote top sheet further reduces pressure and protects vulnerable areas. Ideal for those with diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis or other "at risk" feet.

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Custom Orthotics: ORDER NOW

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Easy to fit, comfortable and lots of support for my feet

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