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About Us

Salfordinsole was born in 2008 as a spin out company of the University of Salford foot biomechanics and Podiatry group. We now supplies high quality prefabricated and custom foot orthoses in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Singapore.

Our products are born out of a commitment to research and innovation and we pride ourselves on offering great value and service to health professionals and their patients.

Salfordinsole are committed to offering high quality foot orthotics that are built on sound scientific and clinical understanding of foot biomechanics and foot health. We continue to work closely with the University of Salford and major foot health and orthotic technology partners across the UK and Europe.

We are confident we are able to meet the needs of your clinical service and patients with our range of orthotic products.

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Telephone: 0845 094 9597
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or call us on 0845 094 9597
to speak with one of our helpful advisors to discuss a product that is suitable for you. Alternatively email us at sales@salfordinsole.co.uk